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tugas bahasa inggris bisnis

Nama : Yoyon Suhariyanto
Npm : 21208322
Kelas : 3EB06
Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis KE 1

1. Sheila : what do you in the present company ?
Dinah : . . . .
a. I have sent this insurance policy to a new client.
b. I check mail, sort out letters, and put them in the agenda.
c. I will have to arrange the annual meeting with the stakeholders
d. I met some clients this morning, and got to explain the company policy.
Jawaban yang sesuai adalah B,
I check mail, sort out letters, and put them in the agenda.
(saya mengecek pos, memisahkan surat, dan menyimpannya dalam agenda.

2. Dinah : I’m thinking about quitting my job.
Sheila : sorry ? are you serious ? it’s so difficult to find a job these , days.
Dinah : I know, but....I’m thinking about continuing my studies.
a. I’m not going to find another job.
b. The job was not interisting anymore.
c. I did not want to work for a bigger company.
d. The company will try to stop me from walking out.
Jawaban yang tepat adalah A,
I’m not going to find another job.
(Saya tidak akan mencari pekerjaan lagi)

3. Waiter : excuse me. Are you ready to order?
Dinah : yes, can I have fise and chips, and coke?
Sheila : .............,please
Waiter : fish and chips, coke, noodles, and hot tea.
I’ll be right back.
a. A glass of coke and bag of noodles
b. A bag of chips and a plate of noodles
c. A battle ofhot tea and a plate of chips
d. A bowl of noodles and a cup of hot tea
Jawaban adalah D.
A bowl of noodles and a cup of hot tea
(semangkuk bakmi dan secangkir air panas)

4. Rani : rafi, what did you usually do when you were in london?
Rafi : ......
a. I use to play tennnis with my father
b. I ussually drink english tea for breakfast
c. I used to walk down the road in the afternoon
d. I sometimes go to the movies with some friends
Jawaban adalah C.
I used to walk down the road in the afternoon
(saya biasa jalan atau menyelusuri jalan setiap sore)

5. Sam : How much is that new toyota?
Salesperson : it’s 4,700, tax include.
Sam : ....... I can’t afford it.
a. The cost is low
b. That’s cheap enough
c. That’s too expensive
d. The price is quitty reasonable
Jawaban C
That’s too expensive
(itu terlalau mahal)

6. Nahya : ..........,Raisha, our new staff?
Budi : Oh, yes I am her yesterday. Hi Risha. How are you doing?
Budi : Hi, budi I’m doing fine, thanks how are you?
a. Have you meet
b. Do you know about
c. Do you want to meet
d. Are you going to meet
Jawaban adalah
Have you meet
(apakah anda telah bertemu Raisha, staff baru kita)

7. Taufik : happy trafel, taufik speaking.
Olga : Hello, Mr.taufik. this is olga......
Taufik : oh, yes, miss olga. I hope you and your family will have a wonderfull time.
Olga : Thank you, we are very excited.
a. I am sad to tell you the truth
b. I liked to talk about the ticket service
c. I am disappointed with the service last night
d. I am calling to confrim my trip to disneyland

8. Mela : I have already put the letter here. What’s next?
Bowo : doyou see the “start” button on teh machine? If you press it,.....
Mela : Oh, yes.thank you
a. You will see the next instruction
b. You would the next instruction
c. You would the next instruction
d. You would have seen the next instruction
Jawaban nya adalah A.
You will see the next instruction

9. Fahri : you’ve got a big bonus and incentives, haven’t you.....? I’m hungry.
Vita : okay,where do you usually have lunch?
a. Why didn’t youn tell me.
b. Why didn’t youn treet me.
c. Why didn’t youn eat lunch.
d. Why must we wait for them.
Jawaban B.
Why didn’t youn treet me
(Mengapa anda tidak mentraktir saya)

10. Waiter : under what name would you like the reservation?
Hasan : siregar, hasan siregar.
Waiter : ...............?
Hasan : yes. It’s 555_9636.
a. My I have a phone number
b. Can I tell you my phone number
c. Should you write you phone number
d. Will you speak you phone number
Jawaban A.
My I have a phone number
(Bolehkah saya minta no.telp anda)

11. Adrain : what does a cheaf do exaclty ?
Manager : He supervises the preparation and service of the food from the kithchen
To dinning room, arranges the menu and .......

a. Carry away the dirty dishes to the pantry
b. Taking care of cleanliness of the kithchen
c. Served drinks to the table in the bar
d. Tastes the food for correct seasoning.
Jawaban B
Taking care of cleanliness of the kithchen
(Menjaga Kebersihan dapur)

12. Duta : I will bw long weekend next week. What is your plan ?
Echa : ........... there will be family outing sponsored by the office.
a. We have gone by a tourist bus
b. We are going to go to anyer
c. We stay in a cottage
d. We have a barbeque
Jawaban B
We are going to go to anyer
(kami akan pergi ke anyer)

13. Reporter : where does this industry sell is products?
Manager : this industry exports some of the products but.......
a. Much of them are sould in the domestic markets
b. Few of them are made in the domestic markets
c. Most of them are sold in the domestic markets
d. Least them are made in the domestic markets
Jawaban C
Most of them are sold in the domestic markets
(sebagian atau pada umumnya di jual supermarket dalam negri)

14. Psychologist : what can you say about your childhood?
Client : I’ll always remember my sweet time when I was still young. My friends and
Loved to play in a small field near your and ..... our bicycles together.
a. We will ride
b. We’re riding
c. We used to ride
d. We will use to ride
Jawaaban C
We used to ride
(kami biasa mengendarai)

15. Student : can I remove the car wheels with spanner no.10?
Mechine : no, you can’t ..... the bolts
a. It’s too small to loosen
b. I’ts enough big to loosen
c. It’s big enough to loosen
d. It’s small enough to loosen
Jawaban A
It’s too small to loosen
(terlalu kecil untuk dilonggarkan)

16. Many children could not got to school because economic reasons and the distance betwen their home and school.
respon yang tepat yang dibenarkan adalah betwen karena ia digunakan untuk menyatukan dua kata their home and schools adalah jamak lebih dari dua.

17. After finishing ny study here, I do not continue studying at a university.
Respon yang tepat digunakan adalah do not , kata yang tepat menggantikan nya adalah will not.

18. Mr. Smith lives in paris for ten years, but now he is living in rome.
Respon yang tepat dibenarkan adalah lives, karena kalimatnya seharusnya berpredikat kata kerja past perfect continious tense. Di gantikan dengan living.

19. Mr. Tanaka would be fired if he had not finished his project before the due date.
Respon yang tepat di gantikan adalah would karena berbentuk past perfect.

20. Scholarshps are provid for stucents which get the first and second rank.
Respon yang digantikan adalah which karena sebagai katapenghubung ganjil, yang lebih tepat adalah who.

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